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Cooking workshops in our open kitchen

Brainstorming in a less formal way….. or participating together in an activity to improve the group atmosphere. In HIER, it is possible.

In addition to our range of meeting rooms, our building is equipped with a modern open kitchen. Very convenient if, for example, you are planning a cooking workshop or celebrating a birthday among colleagues.

Price on request

Workshops inside

If you prefer to organize the workshop indoors, due to the weather of any other reason, you have the choice of one of our three meeting rooms. These can be used for any kind of training or workshop. Think of interactive workshops with round tables or U-set up, yoga sessions or workshops on e.g. mindfullness.

From €145 (VAT excl.)

Workshops in the garden

Is it a sunny day or do you prefer to be outdoors for your activity or lunch, then the place to be is undoubtedly the OrangerHIE(R), in our cosy city garden. An oasis of peace and calm is guaranteed.

Price on request

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