Training & meeting rooms

Ginder (There)

Our largest training room. In the room different setups are possible: circular, school, u-shape, L-shape, reception ….. The maximum capacity is 40 participants, depending on the layout of the room.

Comfortable chairs, spacious tables, projector, digital screen, sublime sound and good lighting, the creative lab has all the physical elements in-house to offer high-quality training.

From €275 (VAT excl.)

HIER.Boven (HIER.upstairs)

HIER.boven is clearly our most beautiful, luxurious training room. The maximum capacity is 16 participants. Equipment includes comfortable seats, a large nice wedge table with built-in plugs, internet connection, projector, digital screen, fine sound system and good lighting. The perfect spot to show to your best customers or for a meeting with your management team or directors of the board.

From €225 (VAT excl.)

Vanvoor (upfront)

The most intimate of the 3 training rooms is located upfront in the building. It is ideal for sharing your interesting facts in smaller groups up to 8 participants. Here, too, you find all technological innovations and the necessary comfort.

From €145 (VAT excl.)