About us.

HIER. was born from the idea of creating a place where entrepreneurs can experience a 100% customer experience.
From our experience we know that this is very rare nowadays…
That’s why we want to do our utmost to ensure that working, training, meeting, gathering in HIER. is 100% fun!
Our location in the beautiful mansion of the former coach house creates a unique atmosphere, which, together with a super service guarantees that you will not want to work anywhere else anymore.
We are located in an ideal position between the railway station of Aalst and the Utopia.

Are you looking for the place to grow your business? Tired of traffic jams? A place near Brussels and Ghent? Would you like to work nearby your house? Or are you on the road a lot and looking for a place to work in between your visits? Or are you just starting your new business and you want to meet and collaborate with other entrepreneurs? Tired of working alone? Looking for your first office? Looking for a place to hold meetings? Are you looking for a place where you can organize or follow training courses?

A solution to all these questions

HERE. is a home for entrepreneurs.
Coworking in a homely environment: check
Holding meetings or training courses without worries: check
Grow your business, set out your strategy and formulate your sales plan: check
Build up a super cool network in the greater Aalst area: check

HERE is our team

Silvia Pauli

Bezieler van HIER.
Business coach

Life motto:
Hier are only challenges!

Eva De Wuffel

Customer Experience Manager
Business coach

Life motto:
Everything always works out for the best!

Margo Claeys

Customer Experience Manager

Life motto:

Some reviews

“As a young entrepreneur I didn't have much experience. Surrounding myself by people who did have experience was a bit of a must! Silvia was one of those people. Together with her we worked out my entire business plan, we came up with nice ideas and she taught me how to best run my business. And all that down to the last detail! Take all her enthusiasm and energy into that and you are ready for take off. Feel free to take a look at our website: www.heysavametu.com”

Sam VanaudenhoveSAVA

“Taking the step to approach a coach for help is not always easy for everyone. I, on the other hand, see it as an investment in myself. You grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. Silvia, however, is more than a coach, it's like coming home. She teaches you to look at things very objectively , the exchanges are very open and above all extremely structured. She helps you in making a business plan swiftly and assists you in developing your new ideas and plans. Her inexhaustible enthusiasm gives you tons of energy. What you see is what you get. And I like it.”

“When I started my business four years ago, I was still in training for my main activity in the business. I literally fell into it .
I had no background on how to run a business. I was learning on the go .... and learning from mistakes. When I started to grow, chaos took over in my head . Ik kreeg mijn planning niet gestructureerd.I didn’t manage to structure my planning. I forgot, I made mistakes, I lost oversight.
Even though I had taken other business courses, with Silvia I noticed a real difference. She takes you by the hand and step by step ensures that you get your structure . She made lists with me, she taught me little marketing skills, she goes through all the tasks and shows you how to do things in an easier way.
Until this became an automatism and I could do things alone without difficulty. I saw results using my marketing plan and peace returned to my head.
Step by step, at my own speed, she taught me how to run my business. I am very happy that I took the step having her as my coach. I can highly recommended her if you want to combine work with a little bit of humor and a warm person next to you.”